Attention Real Estate Professionals...

Sell Your Deal Using Our Premium Land Buying Owner Financing Service Program

How would you like to offer owner financing to any of your existing listings or wholesale deals?

As long as your land or property meets our criteria we can get it listed on our website and push it to our database of potential homeowners looking to purchase a home through owner financing!

Fill out the form below to qualify your home and get marketable term sheet material, we do all the work from there.

Do you have difficulty listing?

Do you have buyers asking if you offer owner finance?

Now you can offer our services to any of your homes or land that qualify, we cash you out at closing and we owner finance the home or land to the new buyer... its that easy!

Contact us today to receive term sheet and get your home qualified to be advertised for owner finance!

Here are some examples of what the land-structured deals would ook like through our premium service, there is a minimum down payment of 20% required from owner finance buyer of the owner finance sales price

In partnership and alignment with our sister companies, affiliates and friends below that may supplement our services at:

We are a local investment company that specializes in selling land using our owner financing programs. We make it easy for you to own your land!

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