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We Offer the Perfect Solution For You to Own Your Land No-Matter Your Situation...

Easily Get Financed For Your Dream Land

There's Never Been a Better Time To Invest or Buy Land With Our Owner Financing Program

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Our quick qualification form helps us better understand your current financial situation so that we can provide the best financing options.

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Regardless of your credit, we will qualify you for your very own owner-financing terms so that you can purchase the land you deserve.

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Lastly, we finalize all the financing terms and get you the land of your dreams... Making it easier than using a traditional bank!

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Land Ownership Simplified!

We Help Texans Buy Land With Owner Financing

We offer one of the most creative ways for you to purchase land regardless of your credit history... Our process allows us to purchase any land of your choice that is for sale, listed on mls or off market, turnaround and owner finance the land to you!

It doesn't matter if you're self employed, have bad credit, or don't have a social security number... As long as you have proof of income we can help.

Getting started is quick and easy. All you need to do is click below and fill out our quick qualification form.

Our Simple Financing Terms

Here Are Our Easy to Understand Financing Details

  • 20% down payment required of sales price + closing costs
  • Very affordable 9 - 9.5% interest rate
  • Our term is 15 YRS fixed Mortgage
  • We do not collect escrow monthly for land loans (taxes and insurance)
  • Pre pay or refinance anytime with no penalties
  • Purchase price up to $500,000
  • Self Employed is OK
  • Bad credit is OK
  • ITIN is OK
  • Available only in major areas in Texas (DFW, Austin, Houston, Texas, San Antonio) or population of 100k+ people in Texas
  • Land for Primary residences / or Investment Properties
  • Land must appraise for at least our purchase price
  • No Flood Zones or land cannot be located in the Flood Plain
  • Land must be buildable, easily Buildable site must be present on land
  • Alread Zoned for intended occupation purpose
    Land must have access to all utilities (existing or in the future)
  • Only Residential: SFR, Townhouse, Duplex, Condo, Land / lots
  • RAW undeveloped land or imrpoved / developed land is ok
  • Subdivision or Rural is ok
  • Must have clear markeatable title

Home Swapping Program

Looking to Move But Don't Want to Deal with Selling?

We want to help you swap houses... Using our home swap program you're able to take advantage of our owner-finance options to buy your new home and easily sell us your old home for cash!

Already own a home but looking to downsize or upgrade? Need to come up with a down payment? Trying to sell but can't affort to repair your current home? All it takes is selling us your old home and purchasing your new home using our owner finance program! Get started today!

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What Do You Need to Qualify?



  • Last 3 months paystubs.
  • Last 3 months bank statements.
  • Last two years of tax returns.
  • Last two years of W2’s.
  • Driver’s License or Passport.
  • Social Security card or ITIN #.
  • Alternate Credit (Electronic, gas bill or cable bill).
  • Proof of Other Income


  • 6 Months business bank statements.
  • 6 months personal bank statements.
  • Last two years of tax returns.
  • Last two year’s 1099’s.
  • Driver’s License or Passport.
  • Social Security card or ITIN #.
  • Alternate Credit (Electronic, gas bill or cable bill)

Don't See The Land You Want In Our Inventory?

We offer a Premium Land Buying Owner Financing Service

If you don't see any land in our current inventory that is your ideal land then our Premium Owner Finance Buying service might be for you. First, you qualify, then you pick any land that's for sale in the market.

Lastly, we buy your dream land and owner finance to you! It's that simple. All you need to do is fill out our quick qualification form to get started.

Terms & Fees

We charge a 10% service fee of the price of the home we buy it for, we try our very best to negotiate the lowest price we can get for our purchase You need at least a 20% down payment to be applied towards your purchase plus closing costs We can do a 15 years loan or 10 years! You choose, there is no prepayment penalties or fees to pay it off early or refinance The interest rate is between 9% and 9.5% interest. We do not collect escrow (taxes or insurance) for our land loans. There is an additional $35 a month for the 3rd party loan servicer company who manages and administers your mortgage. All the other fees are standard fees for a standard real estate transaction such as. 2 points original fee of the loan amount $995 Attorney doc prep fee $650 Appraisal fee. $600 survey fee (if no existing acceptable survey is available) $100 RMLO Mortgage Application fee (due only after free pre-qualification) $500 RMLO mortgage disclosures fee. there is no hazard insurance on land. Here is an example using a land purchase price of $75,000 in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get the deed of the house? Am I on title?

Yes of course, you will be the homeowner and your name will be in title. This is not a ‘rent to own’ or an ‘option to purchase’ those are actually not allowed in the state of Texas for longer than 6 months. In our program just like any standard real estate transaction that is financed and there is a lien filed by the lender until paid in full per terms of the mortgage, at the closing table there will be a Warranty Deed with a Vendor’s Lien from us to you, B to C transaction. You will also sign a Deed of Trust, Promissory Note (Mortgage) and Disclosures that will be recorded.

How long does it take?

Typically it takes in average 21-30 days to purchase the home (A to B transaction) and an additional 7-10 days to owner finance the home back to you (B to C transaction)

I am so confused, who is A, B & C transactions and why do you keep saying their names?

So there are 3 parties for this service, A = seller of the home, B = us Casa Deals Owner Finance Homes, C = our client the owner finance buyer. We have to first successfully purchase the home A to B sale, turnaround and sell via owner finance to you B to C sale.

When is the down payment due?

A minimum 15% down payment of the sales price (B to C transaction) of the home is due before we make our final purchase offer A to B transaction, the down payment goes into the title company’s escrow account just like any other standard real estate transaction, the earnest money would be refundable during the option/inspection period (usually first 7 days) and it becomes non refundable there after unless there are title issues on the home we are purchasing A to B transaction.

How can I get qualified with bad or no credit?

We understand that some of our owner finance buyers may have bruised or not so great credit. We are mainly concerned on your ability to afford and repay the loan back. We take a look at the big picture and If you can demonstrate to us and verify the ability to repay the loan chances are we can work with you. We do understand the risks we are taking as a lender and that is also the reason we are charging a premium service fee and interest rate for our services.

I dont have an income, can I still qualify and get approved?

No you need to have the ability to show us income even if you are self employed. You need to be able to afford your new loan. We are responsible lenders and not in the business of selling/lending bad loans. We do not want to waste anyone's time or money by making a bad loan, we not only want to protect ourselves but the new buyers as well.

What documents and proof of income do you require?

Please see our complete list for documents required to processing and approval at documents.casadealsownerfinancehomes.com to process an application for both self employment and W2 employment.

How long is the option/inspection period?

Usually we will negotiate a 7-10 days option/inspection period on our A to B purchase and do a ‘pass through’ period to our B to C option/inspection period. So you will have at least 7 days option for your inspection period that you have access to the property to perform any due diligence that you would like and you can also order a professional home inspection that we do not require but highly recommend. If there are any revisions or price reductions due to inspection and/or appraisal those savings will be passed on to you and reflected on B to C transaction.

If I dont pay my monthly mortgage payments what happens?

If you do not make your entire monthly mortgage payment, just like any bank or lender, you will receive a notice of default and eventually we would have to foreclose on the home if the loan is not brought current or reinstated, Casa Deals Owner Finance Homes would have to take the property back. The Foreclosure process would go through the Texas court just like any other lender who is foreclosing.

Will my mortgage payment ever change?

Your mortgage interest rate is fixed for either 30, 20 or 15 years. Whatever loan term you chose at time of closing or qualified for. Your interest rate is fixed, so your principal and interest payments do not ever change, however your property taxes and homeowners insurance change every year. That change will be reflected on your monthly payment, the 3rd party loan servicer that we use will manage your escrow account and you will be notified by them of any changes or adjustments that might occur

I have a home now, can you buy it?

Yes we purchase all types of homes and fixer uppers and we pay cash with a flexible closing, we can cash you out of your current home and if you can qualify for our program we could provide our buying owner finance service to you. It would work very much like a swap if you are looking to upgrade or downside. We provide a hassle free transaction and you dont have to pay any realtor commissions or have to list your home in the market and wait for a buyer.

Can you service other states?

No we only service the state of Texas in major areas of a population of at least 250,000 people. DFW, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

How much down payment total do I need? How much cash is this really gonna take?

​As mentioned above you need at least 15% down payment for B to C transaction plus closing costs. Closing costs will vary depending on your purchase price, usually anywhere between 3-5% additional will be required for closing costs. So for budget purposes you should plan 18-20% of sales price for a total cost of out of pocket expenses.

When do I pay for appraisal and application?

$300 application fee is non refundable for whatever reason and it is due after you are pre qualified for free, we will look at your situation and let you know upfront what your chances are of getting approved. After you are pre qualified you can pay for application fee and submit documents required, you would need to be approved in order for us to move forward with an offer on the home you are interested. The appraisal fee of $525 is non refundable and due immediately after option/inspection period is over, that is when we will order the appraisal.

Are you licensed?

We do everything by the book. We use a 3rd party Residential mortgage loan originator (RMLO) to process any applications for borrowers, qualify them and provide the necessary disclosures per state laws, compliance and regulations. We are in full compliance of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. We use a very experienced real estate attorney and title company in all of our transactions and a 3rd party loan servicer company to manage and administer every mortgage. Although we will be the actual principals and owner of record of the properties we purchase and sell, our entity’s principals also hold an active real estate salesperson or broker license by TREC but no representations are being granted or given to any parties in the transaction.

Do you have any references?

Yes absolutely, please fill out an inquiry in our contact form or a pre qualification form and we would be happy to provide references.

Do you speak Spanish?

Si hablamos Espanol e Portugues.

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